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Originally Posted by rats60 View Post
I don't think these all fit in the same box. My answer would be it depends. For example, the Lajoie really isn't a 1933 card. It was printed in 1934. It has a slightly different design. As far as the current all stars, those cards were never issued. So I would say

1952 Topps (complete without high numbers) NO
1952 Topps(complete at 406 without Mantle) NO
1951 Current All Stars (complete without Roberts / Konstanty/ Stanky) YES
1959 Fleer (complete without #68) NO
1964 Fleer (complete without Ted Williams) ????
1933 Goudey (complete without Lajoie YES
I agree with obtain the Mantle for my 52 Topps set, I parted with some less enjoyed portions of my collection to be able to fund a lower grade copy. I did this because, at the time I acquired the Mantle card, I was only about 60% complete and having this card for the set has helped to motivate me to complete it(the it is all downhill from here theory). Having this tough card in the set makes if feel like a realistic goal to complete it. I am 33 hi #s away from finishing the set.

I do not think I would ever have made it as far as I have or to 406 if I did not have the Mantle card.

I am about 60% of the way on the 33 Goudey set and I have no plans to add the Lajoie to the set and will consider it complete sans that card.
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