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Default Who's your single favorite player of all time?

Sounds simple, but it is hard for me to narrow it down. Could be a player you grew up watching, watch now, or one you never got to see play but have studied and dug up photos and have watched via NFL Films or something like that.

I may change my mind by the time this thread runs its course (LOL), but I have to say San Diego Chargers QB Dan Fouts. In 1981, I turned 8 years old and "discovered" football. It didn't take me long to find Fouts and the Air Coryell Chargers. I watched this guy sling the ball all over the field and direct a wide open offense during a time when most teams didn't play that style. However, he wasn't all flash. He wasn't mobile and often held the ball until the last possible second, allowing a receiver to come open--and thus endured a lot of big hits many players would shy away from. He bled a lot as I remember it. On the field he was a QB, a leader, and a man. He never got to play for the big one, but I will never forget how I felt watching him play.

I also have to mention Lance Alworth. A great Razorback and Charger who I never got to see play but have a mountain of appreciation for nonetheless.

Who's your favorite?

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