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Originally Posted by Kurri17 View Post
Love the topic, because like you most discovered the game as kids, and nothing is more pure than a young boy's allegiance to his favorite player, or team. Mine was, and still is Roger Staubach. This infatuation took hold during the '74 season, ironically one which did not result in a playoff appearance. We had moved from California to Arkansas, and the Cowboys were on TV more regularly due to regional broadcasts. He was a classy player, tough, and of course there was his legendary will to win. Just something about him. Griese, Tarkenton, Bradshaw, etc, there were a lot of great players and QBs , but as the line in the song goes "I was Roger Staubach in my backyard", with the little pushing up of the shoulder pads before going under center and all. Heck, I loved Tom Landry too, and have refused to follow the Cowboys since the day he was fired, but Staubach was my guy.
As a Redskins fan I hated the Cowboys, but reluctantly loved Staubach, the whole on and off field package. I loved Jurgensen too, a truly great quarterback IMO stuck on mostly awful teams. And robbed late in his career by George Allen of the opportunity to play with good teams.
Stuff trumps all. Even tainted stuff.

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