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Originally Posted by ALR-bishop View Post
Hope sale goes well Randy. Are you exiting the hobby completely or will you keep a door in the door ?

I have seen much of Shane's large Cardinal collection over on CU and knew you were a Cardinals guy, but had no idea about the scope of your collection or your background. Amazing collection and great background story.

Was it a tough decision to let go ? I think about unloading my stuff from time to time, mainly to avoid having family have to deal with it. I recently was asked to help a local woman liquidate a very large collection after her husband died unexpectedly.
Hi Al, Thanks for the kind words. I will definitely stay in the hobby, I haven't decided what my new focus will be. I know Shane has a great collection, I'm sure I will hear from him. The decision was very difficult, but I'm comfortable with it now. I have 2 daughters that have other interests and honestly, the collection is so large, it has gotten difficult to manage. Most of the stuff I need is extremely rare and cost prohibitive. That was also a factor.

Best regards, Randy
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