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Default Carelessness on My Part or Subtle Skullduggary? Or Both?

Originally Posted by pokerplyr80 View Post
I agree he obviously omitted reprint from the title and description intentionally to deceive people. Despite the other comment this seems quite malicious to me.

I'm always suspicious of nice looking raw cards online though and seeing as how this one looked like a 10 I might have done a little more digging before bidding personally. Too good to be true.

I see where you're coming from, but i think it depends on the seller. A lot of folks ignore the official "original/reprint" feature, and then say something intentionally deceiving like "found this at an estate sale, because I didn't grade this I'm listing as a reprint per eBay rules." My guess is 90% of the time that phrasing is intended to put a seed of hope in the buyer's mind that it's real.

In this case, the seller gave no such misleading statement, and actually utilized eBay's "original/reprint" as intended. An incomplete and lazy auction? Definitely. Clearly and intentionally misleading? I'm not convinced.

Admittedly haven't looked at the seller's other auctions.

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