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Originally Posted by trdcrdkid View Post
If that’s Matty in the picture, and it really is from August 1913, then I’m pretty sure the picture was taken on Tuesday, August 26, when Matty shut out the Reds 1-0. In the two games on the right side of the scoreboard, “PITTS” is the visiting team in the top game, and “PHILA” is the home team in the bottom game. In August 1913, the Giants played at home from the 14th through the 27th, with Matty pitching three of those games, on the 16th, the 21st, and the 26th. But the game on the 16th was against Pittsburgh, so that can’t be this game, assuming that the scoreboard listed the present game first in the upper left, as was/is standard practice at ballparks. On August 21, Matty best the Cubs at home, but Pittsbugh played at Philadelphia, so the scoreboard doesn’t fit. On August 26, however, Pittsbugh played at Boston and St. Louis played at Philadelphia, which fits the scoreboard in the picture.

We can also tell that it’s the top of the first with two outs, and the pitcher appears to be looking at a runner on first. The Reds did not score in the top of the first in that August 26 game, but Retrosheet doesn’t have play by play info, just the box score. If there is a runner on first, then the (unseen) batter would be Armando Marsans.

Thank you for taking the time to research this photo. Great job! I couldn't make out the teams on the scoreboard, now I can see Pitts, St. Louis and Philly.
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