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Originally Posted by snider4prez View Post
No I did not buy mine from Lew. I got mine from a Ephemera show in the mid 80's. I paid $30 bucks each and $75 for the Detroit. The dealer had $50 each on them and $100 for the Detroit but I talked her down :-) Man those where the days! I know of the set Lew had, one in another collection, yours and mine. So that is a lot more than I thought complete. I wonder how many more there could be? Do you have any W601's full size?

Wow, nice prices! I had to pay a little more than that.

Did you see the Detroit card in SCP that recently sold for just under $10k?

I don't have any of the full-size Premiums, I did have the 1905 Detroit one but had to give it up in order to get the PC.
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