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Default COMC Primer

So you have a bunch of sportscards you want to sell? Your options are normally yard sales, eBay, Craigslist, flea markets, etc. Well, consider for your sales venue. COMC is a sportscard warehouse in Redmond, WA outside of Seattle. They are a consignment company, meaning they will broker your cards for you with minimal effort on your part.
Say you have 1000 cards you want to sell, ranging from $1-50. You mail them to COMC's address with a label that tells them they're from your account and you authorize them to process your cards and add them to your account. It will cost 30 cents per card, so $300.00. COMC will take the package from the post office, open it, inspect the cards for damage; they may return your modern 1980-present cards to you, or list your vintage cards in "buckets" like [Good to VG-EX] or [Poor to Fair]). They will then scan in all the cards and move them to storage. Over the course of the next two months, they will identify your cards (year, maker, player, variation) and add them to your account. If they identify that your modern card is not NM-MT or better, you can pay an upcharge to have COMC list them with condition notes like "scratched surface", "corner wear", etc.
Once in your account, you choose the price you want to list them at. You can see the price of the same card listed by other sellers when you set your price, so that you can choose to match, undercut, or increase your price if the condition is better, or you're willing to wait until the cheaper ones sell and yours becomes the cheapest over time. Once a card sells, COMC deposits the money into your Store Credit account, then finds the card in the warehouse, packs it, and mails it across the world to the buyer.

eBay/Amazon sales: On your Options page, you can "opt in" to selling through Amazon and eBay to gain access to their millions of buyers. Most cards listed on your account will be cross-posted to both eBay and Amazon, especially those listed for at least a $1. COMC will not charge you listing fees on either service, but charges 20% of the sale price of the card once the card sells, so they'll deposit only 80% of the COMC list price into your store credit account. Once they began eBay sales, COMC informed their consignors of an intent to reduce fees for eBay sales closer to the 10% + 3% PayPal and a reduction in the cash out fee to be more competitive, but as of right now, that has not occurred.

Cashing Out: Say you've racked up some money in your account and want to get it back into your bank account. Now you request a cash out: the current fee is 20% of the money you're planning to remove from the site. So if you have $1,000 store credit, it converts to $800 cash. You can request either a check or PayPal deposit. PayPal deposits may take a few hours while checks may take a week or two. You can also convert your store credit to gift cards or just buy cards on site and mail them to your home to resell locally or for a lower fee on eBay. COMC has pledged to reduce the cashout fee, but that has not yet occurred.

Flipping: Since COMC is a warehouse with baseball cards from thousands of consignors, members with accounts can buy cards on site and then immediately reprice them to sell for higher. If you see a Ken Griffey Jr 1989 Upper Deck card that is priced at $10 and sells regulary for $20, you can buy it with $10 of your store credit and reprice it for $20. Once it sells, the $20 comes into your COMC store credit account ($16 from eBay/Amazon). There are many users that flip cards on site in all different sports and nonsports. This helps pay for the cards they do want to buy for their personal collections. If you're going to flip cards, you should switch to Advanced Resellers Mode (ARM), because that will take a quarter off the price of every raw card on COMC, 45 cents off toploaded cards, and $1 off graded cards. Those are the embedded shipping costs for each card that COMC pre-loads into the price. So with it removed, you can see cards starting at 3-5 cents instead of 28-30 cents on site. Now instead of getting $3.99 flat rate shipping when you take deliveries, you pay that embedded fee as well. But it's better to buy 6 five cent cards to flip rather than 1 30 cent card to flip at a time.

COMC Mailboxes: Say you see a great lot of cards on eBay and you want to get them loaded to your COMC account: they have a mailbox service where you can change your delivery address in eBay to COMC (read the directions at ) and they'll process the cards from your eBay purchase. It costs like $3 plus 60 cents per card, but the cards get deposited into your account within two weeks. So for small valuable lots, it can be worth it. Canadians and other foreigners can also use the COMC mailbox to have a U.S. shipping address to buy cards instead of Global Shipping Program.

Storage Fees: COMC charges a penny a month for a storage fee on any card that is priced for more than 75 cents in Advanced Resellers Mode or $1 regularly. If you submitted the card, you get three months of free storage on it. If you start to have tens of thousands of cards for sale, you might switch to an upgraded account, where for $50/month you get free storage on cards priced less than $2.50 in ARM. Cards that are are marked for shipping or Not For Sale do not accrue a penny per month charge.

Price maintenance: There used to be a Bulk Pricing tool where you could modify a bunch of card prices very quickly but it's been out of service for a year. Now you have to reprice individually. Buy you can sort your inventory to see which ones accrue the 1 cent storage fee, and which ones you haven't repriced in a long time.

Port Sales: Want to buy or sell thousands of cards in a single transaction? The Port Sales area is your place. If you're looking to clearance parts or your whole part, you can list them for sale. Be very careful when buying ports, because many sellers mark up cheap cards for much higher and you won't be getting the "deal" you think you are unless you inspect the port heavily.

Running Sales: Having a lull in sales of your cards? You can put them on % off sale for a fee of $3/day plus 3% of the sale price of the card. A sale applies to all card in your port, unless you specifically change the % off for each card you want to price differently. Check the sales pages regularly to find better prices for cards you want to buy or flip. If the cards on your Watch List go on sale, that will be noted on the page. You can sort the column each day to look for which cards are on sale.

BGS Submissions: COMC also submits to BGS for Beckett and Beckett Vintage Grading on a monthly basis. The price is pretty high, but much easier than taking delivery and sending just a few cards to Beckett at a time. Once the cards return from BGS, they'll put them back in your port. There are some rumors that they're going to offer PSA grading in the future, but it has not been announced yet.

Challenges: The Challenges section can be found at the top left of your My Dashboard in the Buyer Menu. If there are categories with less than 100% complete, you can identify something (card number, serial number) 50 times and COMC will give you 100 History points for getting them all right. Earn 1000 history points (10 perfect games) and you also get a $1.00 in store credit. The History points allow you to click on cards through the bar graph picture and see how much that card has sold for in the past.
Current Want to Buy/Trade for List:
1930s Phoebe Phelps Caramel Pennant of Georgia Tech
1910 Painted handkerchief of GA Tech pennant girl by F. Earl Christy sold by Atlanta Toy Museum on eBay circa 2000.
COMC store:,sh,i100
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