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Old 03-17-2017, 08:18 PM
Aquarian Sports Cards Aquarian Sports Cards is offline
Scott Russell
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Originally Posted by kailes2872 View Post
+1 on this - waiting for the one time when they say 1961 Topps PSA 6 (Should be a 5) My guess is that I will be waiting for a while
check my ebay listings, I usually have a handful where I say something like. "I have no idea how this card got a PSA 6." A little humor and honesty goes a long way.
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Old 03-18-2017, 06:46 AM
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I buy most of my cards on eBay or other online auctions. When I do get to go to a show it is a real retreat from the day-to-day, so everyone gets the benefit of the doubt. That said, when asked if I'm looking for anything I will always ask about PSA material even if it is apparent they have none. I am always interested in the dealer's response. What I've noticed is that some are completely put off. Usually, they have what would otherwise be 2s - 5s in their display case as NRMT-MT and priced according to their own grading. They say grading is BS or another excuse to justify their lack of quality material.

Organization is critical too. People that have taken at least a little time to organize material get extra attention.

And I will sound like a jerk saying it, but look like you mean it - try wearing decent ironed clothes, shower, comb your hair. Look, if I'm going to spend serious money at a show who am I going to buy from? The guy that just rolled out of bed and probably trims and alters cards? How else do you explain his so-called gem mint '71 Munsons?

I have not tried to sell at shows but overhearing what is said tells me that the excuses for low-ball prices would trump anything I've experienced as a buyer.

All of that said, I love going to shows. Love good conversations with good people. As the saying goes, a few bad apples...
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Old 03-19-2017, 05:47 PM
Timbegs Timbegs is offline
Tim B
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Originally Posted by Aquarian Sports Cards View Post
Those of you who've dealt with me at shows gimme some feedback. This is a fine line as I hear all the time "I hate when dealers just sit there and ignore me until I ask a question." Is there a "perfect" approach?
No. No guaranteed perfect. But I always like an extended hand, your name, and 'How long have you been collecting cards?' I think it's a win win, as a dealer you can assess the client and it's open ended so they can inform you what they like and what they may be looking for or point you in the right direction. I also like when a dealer is really honest - if some card prices are negotiable and others aren't, say so. Clients understand the business, too. Lastly, if you're close, many guys appreciate a free, nice common from the same set - even a single cheap, low value common - as a gesture.

Hope it helps...
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Old 03-19-2017, 06:59 PM
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Scott Maxell
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No one likes to be ignored. The big show in Wilmington, MA I can count on one hand the guys that either greeted me or made eye contact. So many of them talking amongst themselves, many complaining about this and that. All it takes is a hello and 'If I can show you anything, let me know'. Had one dealer who was fairly busy, still greeted me, got to me when he had the chance, knew his inventory, I dropped $500 of the $800 I spent that day at his table.

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Old 03-19-2017, 07:00 PM
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People at shows have to realize there must be a gentle balance to the two sides of a dealer's table. I'm only a buyer, not a seller, but here's what I would add to the topic...

If I'm at a show, I love finding the dealers I can talk to about the cards I'm interested in, baseball in general, and other fun and friendly things. BUT…there comes a point where I, the buyer, has to realize that these people are here to make money. I can't hog their time and then walk away without purchasing anything, because it makes me feel like I'm ripping them off.

Conclusion: They're here to work and turn a profit. Don't waste too much of their time if you're only a tire kicker. Remember the ones who treat you right, and spend your money with them at the next show when they have something you need. And also realize that a lot of these guys are dead tired from working the room all day. It's exhausting.

Most buyers know what we're looking for. I mean, come on, don't use car salesman tactics on me. If I'm wearing my Mets hat and I'm glancing at your table, please stop pestering me with, "You're a Mets fan?? I got this PSA 9 Cleon Jones rookie. And take a look at this Casey Stengel card when he was the Yankees skipper. What about Tom Seaver? I have a few of his cards that are graded 7's but should be 8's!"…and on and on. And, no, I'm not making that up. There's no way in heck you're going to talk me into buying something based solely on a connection to the hat I'm wearing.

Conclusion: Always, always, always be friendly and inviting, but let people peruse your stuff at their own pace and ask questions when they're ready. If someone is lingering, trying to get your attention, let them know you'll get to them in a second. Courtesy goes a very long way and it usually pays off. If not now at this show, then in the future at some other event. I always seek out those great, gregarious sellers at the shows out here and spend money with them time and time again.
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