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Old 12-18-2017, 08:59 PM
jefferyepayne jefferyepayne is offline
Jeff P
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Originally Posted by kvnkvnkvn View Post
Damn, I didn't think I was going to piss you guys off till later tonight, when I posted a link to my new website that throws a nice shot at this forum. All in good fun of course. hahahahahahahhahah
I'd love to see your site K. Mitchell. How do I access it?

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Old 12-18-2017, 09:01 PM
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kvnkvnkvn kvnkvnkvn is offline
Cards From The Attic
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Originally Posted by jefferyepayne View Post
I'd love to see your site K. Mitchell. How do I access it?

I have a thread floating around on here with all the links...But I will throw it on this one as well...

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Old 12-18-2017, 09:06 PM
vintagebaseballcardguy's Avatar
vintagebaseballcardguy vintagebaseballcardguy is online now
R0b3rt Ch!ld3rs
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Originally Posted by jefferyepayne View Post
He atones for it in the episode and admits he screwed up.

Now THAT is personal growth! Wow! They had a good thing going. I will look for it to watch it.

Do you ever watch the Timeline series?

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Old 12-18-2017, 10:58 PM
Hot Springs Bathers Hot Springs Bathers is offline
Mike Dugan
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Jeff there is a great (maybe just for Arkansas fans) show that has played on both the various ESPNs and the SEC Network titled "Before They Were Cowboys" about their relationship.

It goes in depth on their time together at Arkansas and their careers up to and beyond their falling out. It also brings the Switzer connection into the equation. Very well done.

The show leads up the 2014 reunion of the 1964 National Championship team when they both joined their teammates for the first time in years. Jimmy still holds quite a grudge about never being offered the Arkansas job pre-Miami days.
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Old 12-22-2017, 10:28 AM
mmier118 mmier118 is offline
Mike M.
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I thought I’d chime in, I love watching today’s game. Fantasy football keeps me interested and for those of you that haven’t tried it I recommend it. It’s worth trying, I used to make fun of it so if that is your inclination I understand but once I started playing it really does help with my interest in the current game. I also happen to live in Las Vegas so betting on the games keeps me interested as well. I understand that most of the country can’t do that legally and I honestly think that hurts interest since a lot of games that are no longer relevant from a who’s going to win perspective can still be interesting as to who will cover.

Also there have been some great games this year, and the superbowl race is wide open. It’s a shame there have been some major injuries to star players this year and yes that has hurt my interest a little but to say that today’s game isn’t as exciting as it was in the 1960’s just isn’t correct in my opinion. Yes, it’s way more commercialized but it’s still great football. I understand that collecting is a way to connect to our youth but for me that’s picking up 1989 score Barry Sanders cards or 1986 rice cards. The reason I buy chicle’s, mayo’s and early leaf and bowman is an appreciation of the pioneers of the sport and the reason i pick up Tom brady, Carson Wentz, Levon bell, Todd Guley, joey bosa and Jalen ramsey etc. is they are just flat out exciting to watch on Sunday. My appreciation for older cards comes from a direct appreciation of today’s game, it’s also nice that football cards seem to sell for much less than their baseball counterparts so I can put together a nice collection over time without breaking the bank. A 1952 mantle is out of my price range but a 1958 brown or 1957 Unitas is not, even a 1935 nagurski isn’t any more expensive then a ruth of that era.

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Old 12-22-2017, 10:40 AM
bauce's Avatar
bauce bauce is offline
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The officiating has gone to crap. Games are not watchable anymore. There is always that one team that gets away with murder while all the other teams are penalized for doing the exact same thing. It has been going downhill this way for a few years and it is becoming just as bad as having the replacement refs.
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Old 12-23-2017, 12:21 PM
Bigshot69 Bigshot69 is offline
Adam B
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Location: Ohio
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Without fantasy football, pro football is practically unwatchable, however, without pro football there is no college football, and I love college football.

I blame Roger Goodell. Some other members made great points about the poor officiating and the National anthem debacle. Ray Rice gets 2 games for felony assault and Ezekiel Elliott gets 6 games for when the NFL investigator thought the evidence was flimsy at best. So many double standards, power trips, and pissing matches it’s hard to keep track. How this jackass makes $50 mil a year for being awful at his job just blows my mind.
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Old 12-23-2017, 05:15 PM
steve B steve B is offline
Steve Birmingham
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Unlike many, I've come to enjoy football more over the years.

I started watching around 1973-4 just in time for the Dolphins unbeaten season.
The game has changed, and it's changed several times over the years. Not always for the better, but sometimes.
Like it or not, the entire sport is passing happy. But happily that's led to some interesting things.
The quarterbacks have become a bit more important, and while the really good ones always were, the last several years have shown us an era with a nice selection of truly excellent quarterbacks.
1975 only one team had more than 3000 passing yards.
2016 only two teams didn't have more than 3000 passing yards.

1975 the average comp % was 52.5% and the best was 63%
2016 the average was 63% and the best 70.4

Think about that a minute the average guy your favorite team would replace as soon as they found someone better is by many stats Fran Tarkenton.

Even guys who have a hard time holding a job now are actually not bad at all. That's one of the recent developments that I don't like, the degree of pointless player movement. (And to some extent the lack of patience with coaches)

I watch a lot of the behind the scenes sort of shows, especially if it's the Patriots. The amount of stuff the players have to memorize, and the short time they have to do it is pretty amazing. I think the days of the athletic but not so smart player are long gone. (Note, I don't count making really stupid personal choices as smart of dumb as far as the on-field stuff goes. )

I really am starting to like Romo as a commentator. The times during the Pats Steelers game where he was pointing out things like " they line up this way, and the coverage of that one guy is by a linebacker, so this is the coverage type" I think is really interesting.
And that's a guy who couldn't keep his job as a starting QB. - mostly too injured, too expensive, but over 5-6 plays he wasn't wrong once.

And - even as a Pats fan, to me that was a catch and touchdown. ( and why do I abbreviate the name? I'm not usually a fan of that stuff, but I find myself doing it???? )

So much I could say about some of the other opinions, but they're opinions. Lets just say that we're all free to watch or not watch, just as the players are free to stand or kneel. And if we truly hate the US, unlike in the former East Germany, we're free to go to whatever country will have us. Just check if they're generally ok with saying the government sucks, some places get really hacked off about that.
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Old 12-24-2017, 06:59 AM
Il Padrino's Avatar
Il Padrino Il Padrino is offline
Daniel Elsass
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Originally Posted by kvnkvnkvn View Post
Figgity fuk, fuk and triple fuk the NFL...Shit is a straight up soap opera and they got dudes roped in like a mo fo...

Criminals hailed as gods, over sexaulized females advertised directly to our eyeballs, poisons peddled directly to our youth in 30 second increments, blatant blind patriotism conditioning the weak through every screen, stadiums burden cities, fans fight and kill each other, same shit, different year, different name.

And quite frankly I don't need to watch stage show monkeys do 3 pirouettes, 2 booty shakes and an arm extension every time they get a first down...

NFL is beneath me. 6ish games in 3 years, none this year and just committed to not watching the Super Bowl today...That's the biggest farce of it all...
Is it too much for me to declare that I believe we are long lost brothers?

Screw the NFL and screw the NBA while we're at it. Not long ago the NFL and NBA had me in their tight grasp and I felt as if I could not miss one single minute of my team playing and that includes the fact that I am 6-hours ahead of EST so an 8 PM game comes on at 2 AM here... no longer. When that POS KrapErnick took a knee and so many followed suit in both leagues via various disgusting displays against what it fully means (to me) to be an American = I said to hell with them all. I haven't watched a single game from either league this year and have zero intention of ever doing so again plus I try very hard to not even buy products from companies that support either league; I simply do not care to support a league full of overpaid babies that use their uniform to make a stand. Frankly I don't give two-shits what they do outside of work but do NOT bring that crap my way when I am trying to relax and watch a professional sporting event.

Some say "oh, they are just applying their 1st Amendment rights... blah blah blah" but the fact remains that this would of course be OK if they were OFF THE CLOCK. As Kaepernick made his statement by what he did not do; stand for The National Anthem. He failed to realize that the only thing that was his was he himself and the talent that he possessed at that time. Not the cleats on his feet, not the helmet at his side, not a single thread of uniform apparel shy perhaps his jock supporter and socks… not one thing. When traveling for the team he boards team chartered airplanes and buses, he stays in hotels paid for by his team, and so on and when they are on their home field he parks his expensive car in team protective parking, uses their showers, puts on their uniform, and in all senses represents completely and fully the team not thyself. He therefore loses the right to represent any one single aspect of what his own self represents on the outside of all of this while on team property or within the constraints of traveling for said team because he does not represent self; he represents the team. Of course he is free, in accordance with his 1st Amendment rights, to do whatever the hell he wants when not associated with the team or the NFL. Conversely the team(s), the NFL, and the fans, have every right to not approve of him as a person or of his actions and can decide if the individual is worthy of donning team apparel and they owe no one an answer as to why they feel he is not. This applies from a fan perspective where I do not have to support their acts and simply refuse to.

Our military, police, fire, and countless other entities of professional standards are held to very tight rules about protesting. Put on a uniform and you might as well forget it or risk your career and quite possibly legal responses to the individual using their professional standing to advance their personal causes.

Some say that these guys are just “entertainers” and I’d tend to agree BUT they also put on that uniform and agree that they are part of a team, an organization, and a league that is bigger than just the single entity. Musicians are free to declare their personal message and are not in any way similar to athletes because of the affiliation to higher entities that is unless they oppose their higher management or the President during the wrong timeframe – just ask the Dixie Chicks band when their entire career tanked because of their comments. So a time and a place even for those without restrictions…

People go to athletic events to see the spectacle and to not have to debate “what the hell is the issue with that person” or similar. Just play the game, collect your multi-million dollar salaries, and protest on your own time and while not in uniform.
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Old 12-24-2017, 10:52 AM
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Bruce M@ttioli
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Other than the disrespectful kneeling I still watch and follow the NFL. I'll always love watching the Patriots win and Jets lose..
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