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Old 04-24-2018, 12:08 AM
seattlebaseball seattlebaseball is offline
Join Date: Oct 2009
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Default 1962 Jello baseball box

Ken, in case you can use this information for your project, here are 5 1962 Jello boxes I have you can add to your list: Large box #64 Schwall, Cherry; and these four small boxes: #178 Friend, Black Cherry; #27 Gentile, Apple; #37 Power, Lemon Pudding; #125 Brosnan, Lime
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Old 04-24-2018, 02:44 PM
skil55voy skil55voy is offline
Michael Skiles
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Location: Avon, Indiana
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Default Jello Boxes

I have worked with Ken on compiling a list of cards and their particular Jello boxes. This includes pudding and whether they are 3 ounces and 6 ounces. We have a pretty good list for the 62's. I believe we have a complete list for the 63 Jello cards. It should be noted; ALL of the "short prints" or rather the most difficult cards in that set were on 6 ounce boxes. I have been working on a paper that compares the difficult cards in the 63 Post Cereal set with the difficult cards in the 63 Jello set. It was the intent that they were one set not two as they are considered now. I would be glad to share the 2 Jello lists we have now.

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Old 04-25-2018, 07:24 PM
Kenmarks Kenmarks is offline
Ken Marks
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Default thanks

seattlebaseball--thanks a ton for sending the information on the five jello boxes you have. while i was aware of three of the players/boxes, both the gentile and schwall is absolutely new information. very much appreciated. in combing your net54 posts looks like your name is charles. would love to talk to you about your jello boxes and some other stuff if you have the time. ken 916 508-7872
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Old 05-31-2018, 01:33 PM
brian1961 brian1961 is offline
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Originally Posted by Kenmarks View Post
A bit of a Johnny-come-lately, but great items and discussion Brian and Mike. My favorite set! So if I might, a couple of questions for you guys and a couple of other points that may be of some interest.

So it is with this background and perhaps gaining more information, I would like to ask you guys about these flats you have or have seen. So Brian if I might (and how have you been since it seems we "talk" every couple of years), I would like to find out more about the cards you talk about in this thread and your book. We certainly have talked a decent amount your Mantle (WONDERFUL PIECE!!). So questions:

Is the second flat you mention you have in this thread the Maris that in your book you talk about and seemed to have bought at that the Philly show in 88 (and which is a Blackberry flavor)? Your book also talks about a large Pascual Strawberry flat and a small T. Davis Strawberry flat you had seen in auctions. I am just wondering if you have other 62 Jell-O boxes where I could learn of the player appearing on the box to correlate with the size/flavor (the four cards discussed about are all presently on my player-to-flavor listing).

For Mike, have a simpler question. I believe the Warwick flat you are talking about is a 63 Jell-O, but just want to make sure. Also might you have knowledge or specimens of other 62 players where you know which flavors they appeared on. And I guess another question whether we have "met" on the internet before (Being I struggle with knowing exactly who is who and all you know if a persons user name for the site, so just wondering.)

I know this is long, but am going to make one observation that may be helpful to you guys in tracking the history of your flats. Within the hobby there are copies of a very old advertisement for 1962 Jell-O flats. I probably have had it for 20 years and looks like it is a copy of a copy of a copy....... It is an ad run by Lew Lipset where he is selling like 85 1962 Jell-O flats. The ad shows player, flavor on, and price he wants. (It does not show size but I would bet a ton they are all small boxes and none pudding, just based on what I have seen over the years). What is interesting is every small box discussed on this thread (Mantle, Maris, Pinson, Davis including the flavor) is on on Lew's ad for sale. I certainly suspect that your flats may have gone back to this sale by Lew. For what it is worth, it is my understanding that Lew made sales of about half these flats then wholesaled the remainder to a collector who has slowly sold them himself over the years.

Going to call it a day with this note, but would also as anyone else reading this, if they know a box flavor a player appeared on (and hopefully a picture) would love to know. Ken Marks
Wow, Ken, I should have known you would come to our buddy's rescue with some genuine information, to go with the accurate conjecture. I will be trying to call you soon, my dear fellow collecting warrior. We've got issues at the house---A/C on the fritz!!!!!!!!!

Very late to answer you, but yes, the other 1962 JELL-O unfolded box I own is a Blackberry Roger Maris. Truly, it is one of the prized pieces of my small collection. I do not own any other complete boxes, but am extremely thankful to God that I own the two I do.

Since the dealer I bought it from at Philly fall 88 worked with Alan Rosen, it would not surprise me if the Mantle & Maris were once a part of the huge batch you wrote of that Lew Lipset offered. "The stuff dreams are made of" indeed.

Ken, are you working with Dan Mabey on his 1962 JELL-O baseball card research / book project? I want to let Dan know he can use anything from my book he wishes. I figured he'd love my story from summer of '62 when I saw a whole slew of them at the Jewel Supermarket. Sad story.

Kindest regards to you, Ken. --- Brian Powell

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Old 06-05-2018, 11:16 PM
Kenmarks Kenmarks is offline
Ken Marks
Join Date: Jun 2014
Location: California
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Default 1962 Jell-Os

Hey Brian. Hope that A/C problem gets fixed. Always goes out in the summer, huh.

Related to 62 Jell-O research, that continues for me. Maybe five years ago, Dan and myself started a 1962 Jell-O set effort trying to build a listing of the various flavors that players appeared on ... since there was no manufacturer's listing known in the hobby. During that next year (with Dan doing most of the heavy lifting), a listing of players who had been identified as appearing on a specific flavor of Jell-O was produced. Dan published that listing in maybe 2014, and it can be found on this Net54 website and also another one. Forget the name of the other website, but it is not hard to find.

Since that time, Dan's time has been extremely limited given all his various ministerial work that he does. Just a matter of priorities for him and sportscards rightly are not at the top of heap. But I have continued the effort and probably added maybe another 100 entries to the player/flavor chart. Beyond that, have put work in on trying to understand the promotion itself. For example, it seems certain to me that every player appeared on at least one Jell-O Gelatin flavor box. In addition to that, I believe that 72 players appeared on at least one Jell-O Pudding flavor box (I have identified 68 players to date, but am pretty confident there are 72). As probably obvious, players that also appeared on pudding boxes are not tough to find if working on a set ... with a lot of them being stars. Have also built a listing of the 20 toughest players to acquire in the set (and circulated the listing through to hobby to other collector friends of this set for validation). Additionally have been trying to build a listing of exactly the Jell-O gelatin flavors that had cards appearing on them in the set ... including size of the box too. Finally the other thing that comes to mind is the development of a possible explanation of why the three players were completely left out of the set while appearing in both the American and Canadian Post Cereal sets (Brooks Robinson, Kluszewski, and Burgess) and one other star player (Colavito) was substituted for a journeyman player in the set. While this could be because of contracting issues as sometimes suggested, it also appears to me to perhaps have been an intentional change.

I guess bottom-line, will say progress is slow for a number of reasons, especially lack of documentation and just general limited availability of cards. But will continue on when I find collectors such as yourself who are able contribute valuable data. This probably has goon too long so will say good night and hope things continue well with you.
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