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Originally Posted by packs View Post
Isn't this behavior the reason card shows are dying? There's no money trading hands, which puts the rental of the table underwater due to absurd pricing on the table. So if the show is no longer profitable for a "dealer" there won't be any dealers at the show, and there won't be a show to go to.

Wouldn't anyone prefer to make money over not making it? From all descriptions this was a common card, not a HOFer. Is there even another buyer out there for it?
So you are worried about the dealer making a profit, and you want to "coach" him on how to price his cards? What makes you think you need to assume a parental role over other adults who are running their business (yes, I know some people like to try to control other people when they can...)

If what you say is true, then the dealers who are overpricing their stuff will figure it out and make adjustments. The supply-demand dynamic works. Let dealers decide what they want to ask, let buyers decide what they are willing to pay, and the market, as it always does in a free capitalist economy, will work just fine. You, or other people, don't need to dictate what a "correct" price should be.
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