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Originally Posted by Lordstan View Post
Great stuff all.
I love your HOF photo. I notice that you do not have a Ryan jockstrap in your collection. Is that coming soon?

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Thanks Mark.
Actually, I didn't list the jockstrap amongst my FAVORITE Ryan items...
No Ryan jockstrap, ever

BTW, while talking about weird Ryan related game used collectibles, I read this article in SCD many years ago about, quite certainly, the most bizarre Ryan collectible related to one of his major milestones. This came from Home Plate umpire Dave Pallone's book "Behind the Mask"
Read this for a laugh.

Ironically, I actually own home plate umpire Pallone's personal game ball from Ryan's final pitch in this 4,000th K game.
Nolan actually struck out friend & former teammate Danny Heep for his 4,000th K and his 4,004th K. The ball I own is for the strikeout of Danny Heep for the 4,004th K.

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