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Originally Posted by PowderedH2O View Post
I am continuously amazed at the prices on vintage football HOFers. It is not unusual at all to be able to pick up guys like Marchetti, Berry, Perry, Tunnell, Lane, Lary, and dozens more for common prices or very close to it. For example, this weekend I picked up a 1957 Marchetti in Vg-ex for $1.36. I got a 1963 Marchetti for 99 cents. I snagged a 1966 Keith Lincoln in Vg-Ex/Ex for 6 cents plus 25 cents shipping. I can remember hearing how football cards were underpriced in the 1980's. Well, as I am closing in on completing my sets for the 50's and 60's, I want the good times to keep rolling.
I hear you, Sam! It amazes me how reasonably priced most 50s and 60s football is compared to baseball. High grade HOF RC are the exception due to the "registry people". I believe football is still significantly undervalued and has a lot of upside.

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