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Originally Posted by Scott Garner View Post
I recently managed to fill a huge hole in my no-hitter ticket collection:
A fully dated ticket stub from Philadelphia A's pitcher Dick Fowler's no-hitter on 9/9/45 @ Philly. Dated tickets from earlier Philadelphia games are the exception, not the rule as most did not have dates on them.
Believe it or not, this ticket took me over 45 years to find. It's been a long slog to say the least... Many thanks to net54's David Shakir for finding this guy for me

Dick Fowler had a very unusual bio. Prior to pitching in the ML he was actually a Canadian Mountie. In addition, he was pretty large in stature for a player in the 1940's. has him listed as being 6' 4.5" and weighing 230 lbs. - big dude!

I recently also acquired a cool circa 1947 signed snapshot of Dick Fowler clowning around with his diminutive great pitching teammate, Bobby Schantz, and another unnamed tall pitcher on the A's. Thanks to another great member of net54, Gary Scamehorn, for helping me add this snapshot to my mini collection of no-hit pitcher snapshots. Gary is one of the nicest guys out there & he manages to find a lot of incredible vintage snapshots, which is his collecting focus.

Thanks Scott, for the very kind words. I really appreciate that. I truly enjoy the hobby and helping people out. I'm glad I've been able to help you with your collection. Always a pleasure,Scott. Cheers to you!
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