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Default Scarce no-hitter and perfect game tickets

Originally Posted by mr2686 View Post
Scott, that Catfish Hunter perfect game ticket is sweet! Catfish was always one of my favorite players.
I've been meaning to ask you about your no hit ticket collection. Sounds like you have quite a few. Besides the obvious "very old tickets", are there any more recent tickets that you've had a hard time finding (lack of attendance, etc)? Just curious.
Also, did anyone get a chance over the 4th of July weekend to see the MLB channel and their show about perfect games. It was pretty good, but what made it real interesting, at least for me, was something I didn't realize. I'm watching as Tom Browning throws a perfect game and who catches the last out...Paul O'neil...and there he is again as both Wells and Cone throw perfect-o's. How unusual that one player would participate in 3 no hitters, let alone perfect games.
Thanks! I always liked Catfish as well.

Great question! Since baseball attendance is up over the last 20-25 years there aren't many recent no-hitter and perfect game tickets that I would call scarce, but there are a few. Here are some that I believe are a challenge to find:

Mike Witt's perfect game (season ticket) on 9/30/84 at Texas
Joe Cowley's no-no on 9/19/86 at Anaheim
Mark Langston, Mike Witt combo no-hitter 4/11/90 at Anaheim
Kent Mercker, Mark Wohlers, Pena combo no-hitter 9/11/91 at Atlanta
Anabal Sanchez (season ticket) 9/6/06 at Miami

BTW, I'm still missing a few from the 1960's and 1970's for my collection. Because I don't own them already, I know these are tough to find. I would love to locate these and would pay a finders fee to anyone that can help me locate them:

Ken Johnson 4/23/64 at Houston
Dave Morehead 9/16/65 at Boston
Don Wilson 6/18/67 at Houston
Ray Washburn 9/18/68 at SF
Bill Stoneman 4/17/69 at Philadelphia
Don Wilson 5/1/69 at Cincinnati
Jim Palmer 8/13/69 at Baltimore
Vida Blue 9/21/70 at Oakland
Bill Stoneman (2nd) 10/2/72 at Montreal
Steve Busby (1st) 4/27/73 at Detroit
Phil Niekro 8/5/73 at Atlanta
Jim Colborn 5/14/77 at Kansas City


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