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Originally Posted by 1880nonsports View Post
I listed 300+ more common signed photos and cards as well as 100 "Billy" items for my friend whose brother-in-law died. In return he has offered me a few items along the way. I'd LOVE to have this if it's real and we can determine a value (I figure if real about 150.00?) - don't know why it wouldn't be real given the context. It's the same shot of a larger photo signed by both that I sold a few weeks ago. I provided a close-up for you to look over. If you can offer an educated opinion - I'd appreciate it. Not looking for any kind of guarantees. "Looks pretty good" or "looks like crap" or "known counterfeit" ought to do it I worked pretty hard and this would be like a memento to the event - nothing I'm selling either way.

It just takes a second to help.... I do when I can.
Well, the signatures are good and it's a fairly unique photo. I think you're $150 is the bottom, maybe up to $250 assuming it's live ink? I might be a little outta touch with the values with so many forgeries ruining the market.

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