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Originally Posted by Baseball Rarities View Post
I really enjoy all the Sporting Life issues: the W601 composites, postcards and the W600 cabinets.

Jeff, your postcard set is incredible. I cannot believe that you pieced it together - it really has a consistent look to it. What an accomplishment.

Why does SGC label them as 1906-07? I am pretty sure that the set was produced right after the 1906 World Series and immediately offered directly to their readers via ads in their newspaper.
Thanks! I think you're right about the 1906 date, Sporting Life labeled the two 1906 pennant winners (Cubs and White Sox) as "Champions for 1907" (while all other teams are simply labeled "1906") I think this must have confused SGC into thinking these were also made in 1907. Sporting Life simply meant that these two teams were the 1906 Champions and would still be so heading into the 1907 season.
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