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Default Grignon postcards with schedules or ads

Ed Reulbach... maybe if he'd have not upset ownership of his teams, maybe if he'd have not been a player representative, maybe he'd have played a few dozen more games. Then he'd have HOF numbers and we'd all know his name. Look him up in Bill James' first Historical Baseball Abstract.

Anyway, I've collected examples of most of the Ed Reulbach stuff. So check out these two Grignon cards.

This is the first Reulbach Grignon card I obtained. The back is a normal unused postcard back. But the front has a printed ad for MORRISON HOTEL and BOSTON OYSTER HOUSE. One address, so I think the restaurant would have been part of the hotel.

Not long ago I got this card...

The front has no ad, consistent with most Grignons I've seen. The card is postally used. The back has the 1907 home schedule printed, as an ad for BOSTON OYSTER HOUSE.

So... anyone have a Grignon with both a front ad and back schedule? Different advertisers?

(It's been years since I've posted a picture here, and I barely knew how back then. If these pics don't show, I'll try to fix it.)
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