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Default Agree....

Originally Posted by samosa4u View Post
I disagree.

First of all, these stickers were issued in sheets - nine stickers on each sheet. Kids would peel the stickers off and put them in the album. Now it's not difficult to find these complete albums online, but PSA won't grade these. The backs have already been peeled off and they are stuck inside the album making it impossible to remove. You need to get your hands on the original sheet containing the Ronaldo sticker, and then you have to cut it out (using an xacto knife). It's really difficult to find these sheets.

The second thing I want to say is that the last PSA 6 went for over $500 USD, and this is pretty high considering how cheap his other ones are. PSA has graded only 3 examples so far!
These are pretty tough to find.... SGC has one copy graded. Most that you see have been cut out of the album and they have the backing of the album on them.... very tough card.
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