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Edelman is a nice, solid little player, but when I clicked on this thread I assumed it was going to be more about how so many Pats fans and others in the media seem all of a sudden be claiming that Edelman is a future HOF'er.

Almost as if it's a foregone conclusion.

Headscratching to say the least. I understand he's been on several teams that have won Super Bowls, and has performed well in the Playoffs, but when a guy like Isaac Bruce, with twice as many catches and 3 times as many yards, while playing in a less offensive friendly era, has problems getting in. I don't understand how Edelman has a chance, even if he has several more strong years left in him.

Maybe he's the Lynn Swann of our generation, and he gets in strictly because of his postseason exploits. I don't know.

At this point, he seems like a poor mans Wes Welker.......but with rings. Welker was pretty much done after his age 32 season, which Edelman is right now.
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