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Wow this went places that I just wasn’t expecting.

First of all I just want to reiterate that I had a great time at the National and walked away with a great item and some great conversations. I don’t really collect cards, I collect players and I am sure I will have the opportunity to find something with the player in the future. It was a mild annoyance that did nothing to cloud a great day.

Second however I think that it does deal with a bigger issue of markets and what makes a healthy market. No single buyer has to listen to any single seller and no single seller has to listen to any single buyer. Both buyers and sellers do however need to listen to THE MARKET. If a card is on eBay, it’s correctly listed and of clear quality and it has not sold for months that means that it is priced over market. If a dealer ignores this and prices the item at ten times the amount they are not really in the market. They are not selling they are displaying. The same from buyers. If a card routinely sells for a 1000 I can’t say I collect that card but I think the price is wrong. It’s not my choice, if I don’t want to pay the market rate I cannot say I collect that card. I may want it, but I don’t collect it.

My point is it’s bad when either sellers or buyers ignore the market. It creates an unhealthy market that will just die

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