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Originally Posted by Jim65 View Post
The Super Bowl MVP was suspended 4 games for PED's. Steroids is tolerated way more by football fans than baseball fans. Not fair but its the way it is.
Ok. Thanks. I wasnít aware. I get it now and I can comment.
Steroids in sports are a mixed issue - and the issue is that no one cares as long as the player can help your team. One of the most popular players in the league is Bartolo Colon. Everyone loves big sexy. No one cares that he has a ped suspension. They wonder how he can keep doing it at his age. Same with Nelson Cruz. No one cares as long as he hits 40 hr and forget quickly that he had some help. The Mets welcomed Robinson Cano. The issue comes down the road when the player canít help the team any more or when their question about the HOF comes up. Then they are horrible cheaters and there is no place in the game for them. But while the player is productive the fans welcome them.
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