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Originally Posted by Fred View Post
Ted and the rest of the board,

The Dunlap "Detroit" is a fantasy card I made (photoshopped). I finally got a wild hair up my rear and decided to make the card and see if anybody had any comments on it if I put it in the BST.... not a comment. Joe G joined in the fun and we waited for something.... nada...

When I saw this thread I thought it would be fun to throw it in there just to see if anybody had any comments. I figured it would be in the main thread and get more visibility. It would have been really funny if someone else photoshopped one and posted the picture because I would have crapped my pants and tried to get the card, but I know better, it just doesn't exist.....

I was going to let this ride for a few days but I have too much respect for the old timers on this board that have been collecting for a long time.
Yep. I tried to buy it off you. I couldn't figure out why "captain" was on it. He wasn't captain of Detroit. I didn't comment because I didn't know the rarity of it until I did some research. Glad you fessed up - it's been bugging the hell out of me!

Here's my Dan Brouthers: There seems to be a bluer version, which I actually like much better.

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